Permits – Flood Plain


The City of Weston Lakes requires a Development Permit/Flood Plain Permit for all structures and buildings built within the City of Weston Lakes.  A permit must be submitted to the City Offices in the Simonton City Hall on Mondays and Wednesdays 1 PM to 5 PM.  The permit fee will be collected at the time of issue of the permit.   The permit fee for a building outside the flood plain will be $65.00.  The permit should be accompanied by a survey plat of the proposed building showing the placement of the building on the plat.  If the construction is in or near the flood plain, the plat survey along with the proposed building plans and the placement of the structure on the plat or tract will be required along with the permit request.  The fee for this permit will be dependent upon the research necessary to establish elevation and other data related to the placement of the structure within the flood plain and will be determined upon issuance of the permit. Additionally, if the structure is within the gated community of Weston Lakes an Architectural Control Committee authority to proceed is required; however, the Flood Plain Permit will be issued before the ACC authority to proceed is issued.  Construction may not begin until the permit is issued.  Builders and Citizens should allow enough time for the permit review by the City’s Flood Plain Administrator.

Developmental Building/Flood Plain Permit

Weston Lakes_Development-Flood Plain_Application_2014.pdf

Schedule of Fees

Weston Lakes_Schedule of Fees _2011.pdf