City of Weston Lakes, Texas

City of Weston Lakes, Texas

Weston Lakes, Texas

Office of the City Marshal

The duties of the City Marshal in the State of Texas have changed throughout history.   From the early 1800’s the City Marshal or commonly known as the Town Marshal,  was the chief law enforcement officer for that town.  As cities developed and grew in population, police departments were created and the city marshal’s responsibilities were changed.   In most cities with a large population  the mayor  would appoint a city marshal who’s’ responsibilities were to work for the municipal court on transporting prisoners to the county jail, serve arrest warrants and keep the peace in court.  City Marshals are also elected in certain jurisdictions.  By current state law, in a city under a population of 5,000 the city marshal is the tax assessor-collector.

The Fort Bend County Tax Office will be responsible for any taxes collected in Weston Lakes, by agreement with the city.  There are no plans to collect any city taxes in Weston Lakes.  The Marshal is the law enforcement coordinator working with the sheriff’s office and surrounding law enforcement agencies.  The city marshal has the same authority as a precinct constable.  The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office will still be the main policing agency for Weston Lakes at this time.

The marshal is the assistant emergency management coordinator and works with the City’s emergency management coordinator, the Mayor Pro Tem, and with the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management.  The marshal is also the Neighborhood watch coordinator.  The Marshal’s office will be coordinating future events for children and crime prevention activities related to public and individual safety.


Marshal Ron Horowitz
Mr. Ron Horowitz was elected City Marshal on November 4, 2008.  Ron is retired from the Houston Police Department after serving 37 years.  For 11 of those years he was as a crime scene investigator, and for 16 years he was a homicide detective.