The City of Weston Lakes is in the process of rebuilding our Emergency Management team.

We are looking for community volunteers to fill many positions. The job description of the Emergency Management Coordinator is outlined in the link below. We also need volunteers to fill numerous spots in areas including command, logistics, finance and communications. We will also be rebuilding our CERT teams. Many Weston Lakes residents were part of our organization in the past and we invite you to use your experience to help out again. We also have many new residents who we would like to welcome to the team so that the community can benefit from the experience you bring with you. If you would like to be part of the emergency management team, know any Weston Lakes residents who might be interested, or would like more information about it please contact us at or call 281-533-0907.


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City of Weston Lakes Update

Emergency Management  The City is working on rebuilding our emergency management team.  We will work out more details at our January 8 workshop and at our January 25 City Council meeting.  We are currently working to sort through the old files and inventory what we have.  We will begin hosting meetings for those interested in volunteering soon.

Traffic on 1093  We are in contact with TxDot voicing your concerns about turning lanes and a stop light at the entrances of Weston Lakes and Morgan Elementary. 

Power Outages  We have learned that a number of the power outages are caused from tree limbs coming in contact with power lines and a more aggressive pruning program is underway.  There are also numerous more localized power issues resulting from the aging transformers located on the ground throughout the neighborhood.  Several of those have already been replaced.  If you see one near you that has oil leaking out of it or notice the grass around it is dead or discolored, please report that to CenterPoint. Our service consultant’s name is Zachary Henson and his contact number is 281-341-4909.

Mailing Address and Taxes  A number of you have noticed that you are charged 8.25% tax when ordering items online because your address is listed as Fulshear rather than Weston Lakes. If you are billed to a Weston Lakes address it is only 6.25%.  That additional 2% goes to the City of Fulshear and we do not get any benefit from it nor have any voice in how that money is used.  We are working to ensure that we are identified specifically as Weston Lakes.  You can help by making sure that you use Weston Lakes as your city on any orders or correspondence.  Please do not use those preprinted return address labels that charitable organizations send you if they have Fulshear listed as the city.  Also, please include the four-digit suffix on your zip code that designates your specific address as Weston Lakes.

PPE  We have packages of personal protective equipment (PPE) available to any Weston Lakes residents.  The bags include masks, sanitary wipes, liquid hand soap and hand sanitizer.  We will have it available for pick up at each City Council meeting.  If you are a member of a Weston Lakes organization that would like to distribute it to your members, just let us know at 281-533-0907.

Bob Wall

Mayor-Weston Lakes


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