Emergency Management Quarterly Breakfast event has been postponed due to an abundance of caution and requirements of Chapter 551 or the Open Meetings Act. Once within the 72-hour period, notice was given that a majority or quorum wanted to attend. Requirements of the Act state that a notice must be given if a quorum or majority of council is going to be present at a city event. Since notice was received within the 72-hour window the event must be cancelled to be in compliance with the law. The event will be rescheduled and notification will be resent. If you would like to be emailed the notification, please email the Emergency Management Administrative Assistant, Rachel Durham, emadmin@cityofwestonlakes-tx.gov.  Please save the date May 1, 2021.

Mayor Ramona Neal


Our lives are getting back to a more normal state with vaccinations now available to all who are interested. Many sources in addition to area hospitals are available around the county offering vaccines. Please watch emails frequently/daily once you sign up for additional information requested.

Mayor Neal and city council have worked hard to accomplish many things for the city and look to its future. Below are a few updates and highlights from meetings the latter part of 2020 to present:

  • Upgraded phone and internet services for city hall
  • Presentation of Weston Lakes Drainage Committee’s findings to city council and meeting attendees
  • CenterPoint issue discussion and taking action with Mayor and council and allowed for discussion with citizens. CenterPoint Energy representatives (4) present at meeting to discuss power blips and outages, Q/A
  • Discussed and made changes to various policies for the city and its employees
  • GLO and TWDB grants were up for discussion but no motion made to discuss
  • Rails to trails documentation approved
  • Approval of Flood Plain Management/Flood damage Prevention Ordinance 1-20
  • Approved benefit package for city secretary
  • Representatives for Houston Galveston Area Committee named
  • Public hearing and approval of budget for FY 2020-2021
  • Approval of audit for 2019
  • Approval of Mayor and council to have access to QuickBooks and all computer files
  • Resignation of Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Approval of renewal lease for city hall for two years beginning in January, 2021
  • Gh-911 legislation support Resolution passed regarding 9-1-1 services
  • Hired Emergency Management Administrative Assistant
  • Appointed Emergency Management Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator

Currently discussions are ongoing:

  • Regarding the 70 acres of property regarding drainage plans and permits
  • Pursuing a contractual agreement between MUD81 and Aqua Texas to merge water supplies in cases of emergency
  • Interlocal agreement between Fort Bend county and City of Weston Lakes to have county as Flood Plain Manager
  • Adding a means of communication for City/Emergency Management to inform the citizens

Attended a walk through of the new fire station. The facility is really coming along and it is exciting to see the continuing work. Looking forward to its opening that is scheduled for October.

This week, reached out to LCISD to discuss getting some more information on the Morgan Elementary School. Children of Weston Lakes will be attending Morgan Elementary. This information may be looked up on their website: www.lcisd.org. Although the original plan was to open the building to new students this August, the timeline got behind and the plan is substantial. The completion is scheduled to be completed in November with students on campus January 2022. However, the school will be operational starting August-December 2021 and will be housed on the Huggins Elementary campus.

Emergency Management met with FirstNet and AT&T during March, 2021 to discuss product performance during severe winter storm Uri and we look forward to training taking place in April. We discussed our experience with communications during severe storm Uri both good and bad. Our city’s experience will be reported and discussed before the United States senators in the bi-annual report given to the Senate. Emergency Management is looking forward to learning about the equipment and technology offered by FirstNet and AT&T to help facilitate communications during possible future events.

During Uri, Emergency Management posted pertinent information on its website. As the city does not have the citizens email addresses, it relies on the POA to send out email blasts.  On Wednesday, February 17th, the city asked the POA to send out an email blast directing citizens to the city website; however, the email was not sent out. If you would like to receive emails from the City of Weston Lakes, please email Rachel Durham at emadmin@cityofwestonlakes-tx.gov.

Mayor’s column in the Weston Lakes Country Club will no longer appear as the club owner has decided he will no longer support the publishing of this column nor allow me to address the citizens of Weston Lakes in his magazine.

I attended a mayor’s conference where we worked on legislative bills which may affect cities removal of city funds spent on lobbyists and will be going to Austin to testify on proposed legislation.

PPE is still available for those who may need it. Since March 1st, only two kits have been requested and received by residents. If you are in need of PPE, please contact (346) 257-7797 or email mediacoord@cityofwestonlakes-tx.gov and provide your name, address, phone number and email address so we can plan for distribution. 

CARES Act funds have been reimbursed for the City of Weston Lakes’ payments for items covered under the plan. The city’s reimbursement was $7,571.67 on the programs within the city. The rental, mortgage and utilities program spent approximately $51,091. Office 365 was $8,438 for a full year. This was advised when the CARES Act funds were first available and all applicable rules of spending were still being learned by our CPA. Of the $8,438 spent, $3,744 was reimbursed. The installation of $950 was reimbursed 100%. We are certainly grateful for the ability to meet virtually while measures were being Implemented to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Emergency Management quarterly breakfast meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 10th from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. at the city hall building, first floor, Suite 112. If you wish to volunteer, please save the date to attend.

The Regular City Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 27th at 6:00 PM.

Looking forward to a lovely Spring! I am grateful to be your mayor.

Respectfully submitted,

Mayor Ramona Neal


281.505.8436 cell