City of Weston Lakes, Texas

City of Weston Lakes, Texas

City of Weston Lakes, Texas

Emergency Preparedness

Call 911 for immediate assistance with life threatening emergencies


FEMA has updated NIMS and changes are underway for updating training and online courses.  The website below will take you directly to the new NIMS and other supporting documents.

 To review our Emergency Management Implementation Plan, click here.

Emergency Management Committee

The Emergency Management Committee has been established by City of Weston Lakes Resolution 03-09.  The Committee provides trained functional volunteers to man the EOC, to assume functional responsibilities in the face of an emergency situation.  A Committee member may act as an incident manager in the event that the emergency is local and totally within the members expertise or community function.  For example, in a water or sanitation emergency the President of the Fort Bend County MUD 81 may, in fact, act as the incident manager for that emergency using the resources of the MUD to respond to the needs to minimize, respond and recover from any incident.  The composition of the Committee includes the City Emergency Management Coordinator; the Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator; the President of the Fort Bend County MUD 81, the President of the Weston Lakes Property Owners Association; a Commissioner of the Fort Bend County Emergency Services District # 4; and the Weston Lakes Country Club Manager.  The remaining members of the Committee act in a supporting role to be used as directed by the Incident Manager. The Committee is augmented by appointed volunteers from the community to provide manning within the EOC, to form assessment teams, and to provide response capabilities to the community on an as needed basis.  These volunteers are appointed by each member of the City Council and the Mayor based upon the tools, talents, and desires they bring to the Emergency Management process.  Additional Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Citizen Support Team (VCST) volunteers will augment the Emergency Management committee, the Emergency Operation Center, and will work with other community volunteers with specific expertise who will assist in emergency situations.

2015 Committee Members:

Emergency Management Coordinator – Clifton Aldrich, 281-533-0907

Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator – Trent Thomas, 281-533-0907


The City of Weston Lakes encourages citizens to volunteer to assist in the response to emergency situations that might impact our city.  We have several categories of volunteers that can help and serve our community.  The first are the appointed volunteers to serve on our Emergency Management Committee.  These individuals are appointed to the EMC by members of the City Council and commit to training and availability for planning and emergency actions.  The second group are Citizen Support Teams.  These individual receive training from Fort Bend County to assist in the operation of our EOC.  They are the key to the ability of the City to operate in an emergency.  The third group are Citizen Emergency Response Teams.  They are also trained by the County in assisting the residents in the event of emergency.  They are the core groups that provide response in emergency situations.

Other volunteers are always needed as events unfold and citizen assistance will always be gratefully appreciated. Please call 281.533.0907 to volunteer or for more information.

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