About Us

The City of Weston Lakes is located West of Fulshear, and East of Simonton, Texas in Fort Bend County. The City was incorporated as a Type B City by order of the Fort Bend County Judge, Robert Hebert after the majority of the registered voters in the City voted to incorporate on May 10, 2008. The initial election for municipal officers was held on November 4th, 2008. Elected municipal officers include a mayor and five aldermen, who serve two year terms.


The City is somewhat diverse in that there is a gated section of the city and an agricultural section of the city. Within the gated section of the City are approximately 1500 home sites, a golf course, country club, private roads, golf course ponds, and two waterways, Pecan Lake and Oxbow Lake.  The City is adjacent to the Brazos River in a picturesque, mostly rural area. Of the 1500 home sites approximately 1300 homes have been built. Most of the remaining home sites are individually owned and only a small number are under development by corporate interests. The agriculture portion of the City is approximately 200 acres of rural grazing land with small owner occupied farm homes, and a number of livestock, horses, cattle, and goats. Although there are some large parcels in this portion of the City, there are many small tracts within the 200 acres.


Schools are provided by Lamar Independent School District with Huggins Elementary School, Leaman Junior High School, and Fulshear Senior High School serving students in the City. It has its one Municipal Utility District (Fort Bend MUD 81) servicing about three quarters of the community with water and sewer with the other quarter using a private water and sanitary system provided by a private company, Aqua Texas. The gated portion of the city is supervised by an elected Property Owners Association and rules are driven by the original developer’s deed restrictions and covenants. As part of those deed restrictions a mandatory membership in the Weston Lakes Country Club is also required. The population of Weston Lakes is estimated to be over 3,500, with the agricultural portion of the City population estimated to be about 45.  The City is proud to be home to a very diverse mix in its demographics.  The area of Weston Lakes is 2.25 square miles with about 28 miles of privately maintained roads.


The primary provider of law enforcement in is City is the Fort Bend County Sheriff, backed up by the Precinct #3 Constable. Fire services are provided by the State established Emergency Service District #4 with the Fulshear Simonton Volunteer Fire Department their operating arm. EMS services are provided by the Fort Bend County Emergency Medical Services Offices.

The City of Weston Lakes is a small city and was established on the premise of small government providing minimal services as most of the standard municipal services are already provided. Future growth is limited by the boundaries and the fact that the population of Weston Lakes is not expected to grow beyond 4,000 – 5,000 people. There is no ad velorum tax as City expenses are covered by the receipt of utility franchise fees and mixed beverage tax received from the State Comptroller.